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Top 5 Digital Planners For 2022 (and 2023)!

by Cyrus K on March 03, 2022

You know how great planners are for keeping you organized and on task? Well, in 2022, a digital planner can do that even better. Digital planners enhance productivity by effectively organizing your day and streamlining your productivity workflows.

Take notes, track meetings, set priorities, track exercise, manage productivity, and quickly accomplish your goals with the digital planners listed here.
What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is a PDF that is intended to be viewed and written on through a note-taking app such as GoodNnotes, Adobe Acrobat, or Notability. These apps can be used on your iPad or Android tablet and with a stylus, such as the Apple Pencil, you can write on the digital planner.

An Introduction to the 5 Best Digital Planners

There’s a reason why people around the world are investing in technology. Our digital world has become an absolute necessity and will only continue to grow as every day passes. It makes sense, then, that we need to invest in items that can help us manage this new environment we find ourselves in.

Digital planners are a great way to keep tabs on what we need or want to do and enable us to schedule events ahead of time (or out of order). Digital planners work well because they give us room for our scheduling needs alongside how we can stay linked with social media networks and still create engaging content.
3 Fun and Effective Ways Digital Planners Can Help You Stay Organized

  1. Digital Planners are very efficient, so you can maximize your time by switching back and forth between specific day tasks with ease.
  2. Many digital planners allow you to customize them based on your needs and/or interests to maximize enjoyment to make the task more enjoyable.
  3. Digital planners allow you to stay organized while still living your "real" life; they not only help us find our focus, but also keep us on track with our goals! Today’s digital personal planners are so easy to use that you can take assignment notes right on your Smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Top 5 Digital Planners

(in no particular order)



Price= $22.48


Amazing Features

  • Vector graphics and text so you can zoom in with an iPad and still retain image quality
  • Fast loading pages
  • Exercise and Project Management module second to none

Let’s take a look at this unique planner.

DEX™ DIGITAL PLANNER includes a comprehensive calendar with your usual planners, including:

  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Yearly Planner

But, the designers also included:

  • Goal Tracker
  • Project Tracker
  • Health Tracker
  • Finance Tracker (Plan4Success)
  • Budget Tracker
  • Birthday List
  • Password Vault (you have to see this)
  • Brain Dump
  • Book List
  • To Do List

Now, by far the most impressive feature of this digital planner is its originality. For example, if you struggle on project management, DEX™ DIGITAL PLANNER has sections to help organize even the most complex projects. The Goal Tracker will help you organize goals using the S.M.A.R.T. Goals System.


2.   Amethys&Garnet-Classic Digital Planner (

Price= $14.00


Amazing Features

  • 55 templates in a variety of categories
  • 6 planners with 3 different layout options
  • Stunning design and very functional

Contacts / Routines / Chores & cleaning / Delivery tracker / Movie tracker / TV tracker / Book tracker / Trip planner / Outfit planner / Birthdays / Passwords / Bucket list...if you are looking for a well-rounded planner, Amethyst & Garnet has you covered.

But, there's more:

  • 9 Fitness Trackers
  • 10 Finance Trackers
  • 9 Wellness Trackers
  • 7 Productivity Trackers

This Classic Planner also comes with 11,000 stickers, 85 covers and themes.

We absolutely love this digital planner!


New technology offers a multitude of different ways to plan your future. And with these advancements in tech there are no shortage of digital planner options available today. However, design, organization, resourcefulness, and productivity measures are key items to look for in a great digital planner for 2022 and beyond.